HTX Crawfish Supply Co. | About
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Live × Delivered × Catered

Your #1 source for LIVE LOUISIANA CRAWFISH in HTX!!!

When our founders got together and created HTX Crawfish Supply Co., they wanted to create a service that no one had ever offered before for residential and commercial buyers. Offering the best quality crawfish for the best price was the main objective, along with being able to deliver to their customers and convenience them in every way possible. With a combined 12 years of experience in the Crawfish industry, we can provide our customers with constant updates to help them ensure the longest life span of the Crawfish we provide you.

We also offer catering services to where you enjoy the exciting tastes of our cooking and experience in the comfort of your own home, restaurant, or bar. No hassles! We just come and boil them for you!

Thank you for coming by. We look forward to doing business with you.

Please call us to reserve your next order 2 days in advance.